Chairman of the Board

Message from the Chairman of the Board

Celebrating its 30th anniversary as of this year, Şölen is a company born in Anatolia, took its first steps as a family company, completed the institutionalization process and succeeded in writing a global success story. Our company, which follows a globalization strategy that can be a role model for all the companies which are struggling for being a global brand in Turkey, has gained a rightful success in the world and in Turkey with the strong brands it created one after another.

As Şölen, our focus has always been to do “the best” and “the different”; this has always been our promise to our customers and our sector.

Since our establishment, we have put our signature on investments that are sources of pride for Turkey and our sector. With the giant steps we took audaciously, we have been one of the exemplary companies of Turkey in our sector.

We are a company that takes its strength from the unity of our family and the value it attaches to human being. For this reason, we do not just understand technology, building, machinery or equipment when we say investment. We consider our business as “investing in people is investing in the country”. Because from the very first day, we set ourselves a principle: “We will produce value-added products and create brands.” For this, we proceed with a mentality that seeks out where and how we can make a difference. Ultimately, we know that we have to build the factory or the equipment on a right and good idea. “Investing in people” is of great importance at this point.

Today, we have achieved the strong momentum we aimed with this factory equipped with Industry 4.0 hardware. This investment gave us the power to run towards our target with the tenacity of a marathon runner; and we have already begun to reap the fruits of it. As of 2018, we became the international supplier of Lidl, which has more than 10 thousand stores in 30 countries. The only international company from our sector in Turkey is Şölen. We also diversify our sales channels to reach more consumers abroad. Biscolata Mood has been presented for sale on with its box we specially designed for the American market.

We export our products to nearly 120 countries from America to Belgium and Maldives. We establish our own organization in the markets we operate to have a strong presence in our target markets. Currently, we have regional offices in Dubai, Algeria, Azerbaijan, USA and Saudi Arabia, and regional directorates in Levant Region, Canada, China and Latin America. Most recently, we established our offices in Germany and England.

With our approximately 2 thousand employees, we want to be a global player growing both in the world and in Turkey by creating new brand stories, in addition to our Biscolata, Ozmo and Luppo brands which have succeeded throughout the world.

In the coming period, we aim to become more effective by branding in developed and high consumption markets and increase our share in these markets by 5 times within 5 years.

I would like to express my profound thanks to everyone who contributed to Şölen in its 30-year journey. We will continue to cause our customers to say “If there is Şölen, there is a feast!” in every beautiful moment of their lives, and to work with the same passion and tenacity in order to add value to Turkish economy and our sector in the future just like today.  

Best Regards,


Ismail ÇOBAN

Chairman of the Board